Information About Health People Legal Pty Ltd

Who are we?

We are independent medical specialists who provide advice to a variety of referrers in regards to your medical condition, injury or illness. In order to be objective, we review the referring documentation and also conduct an assessment with you so that you are able to relate the details of your medical history to us.

As we are not your treating doctors, we do not provide any advice on treatment. If there is information that we believe may be useful for your treatment, we will either ask you to discuss it with your treating doctor or provide details in the report.

Our objective is to provide a medical consultation. Our expertise lies in medicine, in terms of injury, illness and disease and how it impact on function at work and physical function. We do not provide legal opinions or opinions on industrial relations.

Purpose of the assessment

The referring organisation has referred you for an independent medical opinion. Depending on the reasons for assessment, (i.e. motor vehicle accident, work place injury, work rehabilitation, life insurance, income protection) the purpose of the assessment can be related to any of the following:

  • Type of work for which you are fit
  • Capacity for work or normal function
  • Liability
  • Questions regarding treatment
  • An impairment assessment for legal purposes

What does the assessment involve?

When you arrive you will be provided some information on our privacy policy. Additionally, a consent form will be provided to you for your review. Your consent allows us to conduct the information and provide the necessary information to the referring organisation. It also allows us to contact treating doctors whom you nominate to obtain any relevant medical information.

Additionally you will be provided with a questionnaire. Given the time restraints of the assessment, it would assist us if you could provide some background medical and vocational history to allow us to concentrate on the presenting injury, or illness.

After this is completed, the examining doctor will see you. They will go through the questionnaire with you to clarify any responses. You can also ask the doctor about any queries you have in answering the questions. The doctor will then continue to obtain the rest of the history.

Following the history, they may need to conduct a physical examination. Depending on your injury or illness, you may be asked to remove some of your clothing (not your underwear)

Additional Documents

Please advise the examining specialist if you have brought further information including doctor’s reports, or results of x rays, MRI etc. Please advise if you have objection to the relevant contents of these being utilised in the context of the report.